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6 Reasons to Consider Electronic Access Control

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Security is a top concern for organisations in the Robina area. CCTV systems are a great place to start, but an electronic access control system can kick security up a notch.

Electronic access control systems are digital networks that control access to areas within a building. Instead of the traditional lock and key system, employees use access cards or key fobs to access rooms or areas of a building. Card readers are used to verify that the person has been granted access.

Although these systems sound complicated, they can easily be installed by a trusted locksmith in Robina and provide many benefits. Here are five reasons your organisation should consider electronic access control.

1. To Deter Theft
Access control makes it more difficult for thieves and unwanted visitors to access your space.

With the right system, you can control who has access to areas of the building and monitor your space if an intruder does try to force their way through.

2. Employee Safety
If your building has a mix of public visitors and employees, electronic access control can help employees feel safe without making visitors feel unwelcome.

Access control allows you to manage the flow of people in your building. Visitors may enter the building, but will be unable to move into restricted areas.

3. To Secure Sensitive Data
If your company stores sensitive data, access control ensures that this information does not get into the wrong hands. Access control systems can be coupled with two-factor authentication to secure data, equipment or anything else of value.

With two-factor authentication, the employee may be required to not only use an access card, but also enter a piece of information, such as a PIN code. This prevents intruders from simply stealing a keycard and gaining access to these sensitive areas.

4. Protect Restricted Areas
Not all employees should be granted access to every area of the building. With electronic access control, you have the ability to program different levels of access based on employee status and security clearance.

This type of system can also help you prepare for emergency situations. If a situation calls for a security lockdown, the system can be programmed to only allow those with the highest security clearance to enter or leave the building.

5. Keep Track of Employees and Visitors
Access control systems allow you to monitor who comes and goes from your building. You may also be able to run reports on who entered certain areas of the building, activities of cardholders and other variables.

Employers sometimes use these systems to track employee time and attendance.

6. Reduce Costs
When employees leave your organisation, there’s no need to change the locks in the building, or worry about lost or stolen keys. With the click of a button, former employees can be denied access to restricted areas, saving you time and money in the process.

Access control systems give your organisation more control over who has access to what. If you’re looking to improve security at your Robina business, we can help you install and maintain your electronic access control system.

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